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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

This is a new service that involves provision of electricity by Ugesi Energy through installation of solar system at the designated premises in exchange of a monthly rental over a defined period. The system will remain property of Ugesi Energy during the duration of the defined period.


The applicant for the product is expected to provide KYC document, proof of ownership for the premises on which the solar system will be installed in addition to a defined source of income, evidenced by a pay-slip and/or bank statements in case of a corporate.


There are no up-front capital costs. An approved client is expected to pay monthly rental of USD 90 (3 Series Product). USD120 (5 Series Product) and USD160 (10 Series Product)


Interested customers should contact Ugesi Energy on the following details:

Name: Customer Support

Phone Number: 0771 222 699

E-mail address:


Subject to the availability of equipment, the installation is done within 7-14 days from signing of the agreement.


The monthly rentals will be reviewed on a yearly basis based on USD inflationary changes. This will be communicated to the customer prior to implementation.


Alterations of the roof are permissible during the term of the lease. however the cost of de-installation and re-installing the solar system will be met by the customer. It is advisable to do the alterations before installation to avoid incurring additional costs.


The lessee will notify Ugesi Energy of their intention to change name of lease. Transfer of the Energy as A Service

contract will be subject to the transferee or assignee meeting the qualification criteria for a new installation


The customer will have an option to purchase the system or upgrade the system.


The beneficiaries will continue to enjoy the energy service subject to insurance which shall be part of the agreement at installation.


The agreement will be subject to the acceptance of the terms of the agreement by the owner of the property who shall be bound by the terms of the agreement.


The systems are designed to power your critical loads which excludes. all your stoves, geysers and all appliances with high start-up current. Final loads to be connected will be agreed with Ugesi Energy prior to installation of the system


The system will come with a separate distribution board, where the essential loads will be connected to. Where electrical installation has not been done to standard. client will be advised to bring their installation to acceptable standards before connecting to the solar system.


Installations will be carried out by accredited solar installers. who will notify the Lessee and Ugesi Energy of any structural damage to the roof structure prior to installation. Should any accidental damage happen to property, the cost to repair will be borne by Ugesi Energy.